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mad nanna/bibs split 2013

Image of mad nanna/bibs split 2013


Late last summer, our pals departed from Melbourne Australia, to come State side, on a pilgrimage, mission you ask? to spread that special sound we've all come accustomed to but rarely see in this land of late. They met us halfway a little closer to the East coast i suppose, So we said hey buds, lets make a splitter for these dates we got together! heck why not.
So here it is.... Mad Nanna plays a long burner at their farewell gig, an extended version of Nectarine Tree that can be found on their stellar 7" released on Soft Abuse last year. Sounds like PiP Proud covering Sex is Confusion with that "Ocean" style single chord trance jamming.

The goon squad does a miserable cover of Mike Rep &Tommy Jay's "pop another pill". As I recall it was another shitty day in Detroit, we were Drunk it seemed like a good idea. Also an alternate mix of a track to appear on our upcoming 12" and some weird Canadian am radio crime report, watch your ipods in windsor kiddies...

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