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Invisible Crack- Tarheels

Image of Invisible Crack- Tarheels


Long shift at the crazy house ends, another day in the bowels of Wayne County. back to dad's garage turned wood shop to drink a few, & decompress. Traumatic visuals of rated R movie's rented at a tender age from the local Video Castle repeat like the side effects of bad acid sold to you by a local thug on a GT trick bike. This tape is a reissue of one of the earliest All Gone releases by co founder Travis Galloway pre Siobhan. A.) sounds like a hard K hangover from the secret rave at the abandon Mervyn's department store at the Southgate Plaza, a weird gloppy ambient black metal undertone comes to the surface. The B.side) has a sound Siobhan fans will find familiar, A apocalyptic rave music that crawled out of a shady warehouse in Del Rey circa 1999. nothing quite like this to be honest, so take a chance & get an idea of what it's like to breathe in that marathon air while dancing.

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