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People Skills “Telephone Booth”

Image of People Skills “Telephone Booth”


Down a straight & narrow path perfect in it’s symmetry the sound is the vessel clanking around historic roads meant for horses not the assembly lines hellish rubber treads, purposeful yonder’s through city Debris still leaving room for pleasant accidental sceneries.

Jesse has been riding a wave at his own speed for years now with his project People Skills very excited to get back into the groove together after label hiatus. On this release the soundscapes come across like Jandek & Brian Eno decided to collaborate after a case of Natty Boh & couple hoagie sandwiches on a hot day, once these deconstructed Pop Nuggets were done they then handed the master tapes over to Cherry Red records for post production too add that misanthropic industrial dreaminess heard on recordings such as Two Daughters or Thomas Leer.

This tape will leave you glued in your seat, drifting in thought only to snap out in a sparse drum roll over & under Tremolo laced sustain.
Not recommended for driving dangerously narcoleptic.

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