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Roachlip "Total Dirt Rock"

Image of Roachlip "Total Dirt Rock"


Rehashing what now seems to be Archaic "Total Dirt Rock" The first known specimen on the Genre will see the light of day once again in this digital age, of a analog cassette dubbed direct from a loving copy of the original. Total Dirt Rock was Roachclip exploring their sound pre dating AL Pastor & Discovery Park & the Sleeper 7'' Calmer In This Town, This is exciting however in retrospect the variety lends to a non stagnant affair perfect for the medium, you get folk rock blistering live Detroit style fuzz rock & a wild noise edge, The twang of the Meat Puppets meets the guitar weave of Television meets a league of its own thanks to the Other World like Organ/bass pedal playing of Bill Corrigan.

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