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Tracey Trance "Keep it Up"

Image of Tracey Trance "Keep it Up"


Starting 2015 off on a high note...
Tracey has been around releasing solid goods for a long minute, So after busting the Volkswagen Van up to Detroit's infamous Jumbos Bar to play a gig for the crickets and around 10 heads sweating out highlife on a blistering summer evening, I was like you wanna exchange tapes? Guy was stoked so we did, took the beast on the road and gave it a listen. Travis & I were like dang this is the heat. So I hit up broski Andy met up at Jeans Bar in Hamtramck drank some 1$ black labels got homies # and got to the biz. Picked a few choice tracks off the keep it up cassette then headed over to the M.UG and transfered them with the help of Tarpit. The vibe of the 7" is Ace, Tracey has a great knack for melody that sits somewhere along the lines of PiP Proud covering a obscure world comp with a crude D.I.Y on the road fidelity . He weaves his vocals and instrumentation in such a playful music box fashion that it has the feel good vibes of Mungo Jerry. Really though! this 7" paints a visual of a modern day dreamer, that Bobby D could only have sang of wanting to be.

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